steam ship music theme

At least first music theme from game. Check it out:

Music by Srogyy. A little bit grotesque, don't you think? ;). But it allows to look at the atmosphere of the game from a different angle than without any music.
See you next month, maybe with a bigger update...


making of: flying city - creation of assets

 Today I will show you my workflow of making levels in Scirra Construct.

Ok let's start then.

First: Drawing doodles on piece of paper.

Second: Scanning and polishing in graphic program, next cutting each part to separate png file.

And finaly third (hardest part): arrange from this parts a nice level in engine.

I think it's final view of graphic style of platform levels.
See you later.


comics style

Maybe just a concept art, maybe cutscene.


new animations

ladder climbing



The project is frozen for a while, but I'm still alive. Currently I'm working on graphics for this game:


making of: doodles vol.1

A few sketches from the different stages of production. I will throw them soon on this page:
Huge piece of inspiration.


some news

New screens from part based on the physics of flight diesel/steampunk airship. It will be replacement instead of usual world map to move between platform stages.


gameplay & screens - change engine to Scirra Construct

Finally first gameplay made in Scirra Construct Engine. Moving animations from Anime Studio.


animation learning...

Yessss, finaly my first animation. Maybe not perfect, but made after only one day of learning Anime Studio.